Built for the needs of data teams.


Unleash the full potential of your team

Use DataCater's Projects feature to organize pipelines, data sources, and data sinks on the project level.

Grant different permissions to different project members: from read-only access for viewers over write access for editors to full access for administrators.

Prepare and integrate data collectively

Use DataCater's Pipeline Designer to prepare and integrate data as a team. Combine the knowledge and expertise of all project members instead of maintaining knowledge silos in private pipelines.

One tool for all persona in data teams

Modern data teams feature different stakeholders, ranging from non-technical domain experts, who have outstanding knowledge about the data but don't know how to program, to technical engineers, who know how to automate the processing of data with code but possess limited knowledge about the business domain.

DataCater offers the unified approach to streaming data pipelines. While non-technical users benefit from DataCater's no-code features, engineers can implement requirements with Python® code.

Bridge the gap between business and engineering

The Pipeline Designer bridges the gap between business and engineering by providing full preview support for custom transformation functions. This allows business users to interactively validate the code of engineers and to combine them with no-code functions.

Stop using outdated data.

Connect your data systems with streaming data pipelines, without wasting time on repetitive work.

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