Migrate data between on-premise and cloud systems.

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Connect your on-premise infrastructure with cloud-based data systems.

The efficient way to streaming data change events from on-premise systems to cloud products.

Ready for all cloud platforms.

DataCater provides data connectors for most cloud platforms.

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure

Cloud support
Instant replication

Instant data replication.

Stream data changes from on-premise systems to public cloud platforms, without any observable replication delay.

Log-based change data capture

Production-ready streaming data pipelines

Change data capture at its best.

Modern change data capture connectors enable streaming data pipelines to only process relevant data.

Efficient usage of computing resources

Low data processing cost

Change Data Capture
Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment options.

Deploy DataCater on your on-premise infrastructure or the public cloud platform of your choice.

Stop using outdated data.

Use DataCater to efficiently replicate data between your on-premise infrastructure and cloud platforms, without making sacrifices in the replication delay.

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