Data Hub

Employ DataCater as the central intersection in your data architecture.

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Connect your systems with streaming data pipelines.

Stream data change events from data sources to data sinks, and transform them on the way.

Integrate any system.

DataCater provides a huge set of data connectors for many different systems.

Database systems

Flat files

Web applications

Data warehouses

Search engines

On-premise or cloud

Data Integrations
Filter, transform and enrich data

Filter, transform & enrich.

Prepare your data for the downstream usage, without coding.

Predefined transformations

Predefined filters

User-defined transformations


Say goodbye to data silos.

Combine many different data sources, both internal and external, using one central platform. Never lose control over your data.

Modern data hub for your architecture

Collaborative features

No data silos
Efficient data integration

Data integration as it should be.

DataCater lets you focus on your job instead of wasting time on the management of data connectors, programming of streaming data pipelines, or debugging of data integrations.

Professional tools for streaming data pipelines

Automation of repetitive work

Stop using outdated data.

Use DataCater to always keep your data systems in sync.

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