Search Indexing

Connect any data source to your search index, efficiently.

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Keep your search index up-to-date. Always.

The efficient way to indexing many different data sources with Apache Solr or Elasticsearch.

Up-to-date and high-quality data for your search index.

DataCater streams data changes from many different data sources to your search index.

Database systems

Flat files

Web applications

Data warehouses

On-premise or cloud

Search indexing
Efficient search indexing

Search indexing made efficiently.

Start streaming data into your search index in a few minutes.

Powerful transformations for search indexing

Automation of repetitive work

Dynamic schema mapping.

Use DataCater to manage the schema of your Apache Solr or Elasticsearch index.

Manual or automated schema mapping

Add, rename, or remove attributes

Support for dynamic fields in Apache Solr

Schema mapping
Ready for the cloud

Ready for cloud-based services.

Plug-and-play support for many cloud-based search offerings.

Elastic Cloud

Hosted Solr

Stop using outdated data.

Use DataCater to keep your search index up-to-date. Always.

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