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DataCater's Pipeline Designer Laptop

No-Code Pipeline Designer

Build production-ready streaming data pipelines with DataCater's interactive Pipeline Designer. Transform, filter, and enrich data according to your business rules and requirements, without coding.

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Extend With Code

Implement custom requirements with Python®-based transformations. DataCater's Pipeline Designer allows users to interactively preview, validate, and refine code-based transformations.

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Change Data Capture

Improve the robustness and efficiency of your data pipelines by streaming data changes instead of employing error-prone bulk imports.

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Say goodbye to knowledge silos and prepare data together. DataCater provides projects as a collaborative means and allows data experts to work simultaneously on data pipelines.

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Cloud Native

DataCater is built for the cloud era and provides native integrations into the major cloud platforms. We are happy to help you to deploy a private DataCater instance inside your cloud environment.

Powered By Apache Kafka®

DataCater is based on Apache Kafka®, the industry standard for storing and processing event data. Benefit from the efficiency and power of stream processing without wasting time on repetitive work.

Bridge the gap between business and engineering.

Stop using outdated data.

Connect your data systems with streaming data pipelines, without wasting time on repetitive work.

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