Keep your data prepared. Always.

The efficient way to stream data between data stores and transform them on the way.

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Build better pipelines, faster.

Use DataCater to interactively build streaming data pipelines that are compiled to production-ready Kafka Streams applications.

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Automate repetitive work.

Reclaim productivity by automating repetitive tasks, like managing data connectors, monitoring running pipelines, or tracking data changes.

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Monitor data quality.

Always keep track of the quality of your data by monitoring important metrics, like the number of missing values or number of duplicates.

The modern platform for streaming data pipelines

We are on a mission to make the entire lifecycle of streaming data pipelines, from development to production, more efficient.

How it works


Building streaming data pipelines with DataCater is as easy as changing a cell in a spreadsheet.


Integrate pipelines with many different data stores using Kafka Connect: From flat files over database and file systems to cloud data warehouses.


Deploy data pipelines using Docker or Kubernetes. On your premises, a cloud platform, or our managed service.


Continuously monitor the quality of your data and detect changes in important metrics as early easy possible.

New to streaming data pipelines?

We can help you get started by analyzing your architecture and identifying the use cases, where streaming data pipelines would minimize the time to value in analytics, improve your customers' experience, or reduce the processing costs.

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