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Welcome to the modern, real-time data pipeline platform. Transform your data using our no-code pipeline designer or Python®. Go from zero to production in a matter of minutes.

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Connect your data systems and prepare data in real-time

Stream data changes from data sources to data sinks, and transform them on the way. We take care of the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your work.

DataCater's interactive pipeline designer ...

Connect data systems

Use our plug & play connectors for change data capture to process incremental updates instead of performing inefficient bulk loads.

Build transformations

Our no-code pipeline designer features 50+ pre-defined filters and transformations. First-class support for Python® functions included.


Launch pipelines with one click. Benefit from automated connector monitoring. Integrate pipeline logs into your tooling.

What our customers say about us

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"Being built by data engineers, DataCater alleviates several pain points in working with data pipelines. Reducing time for development iterations to seconds and deployment of pipelines to minutes. A distinctly efficient and fun tool for all your data engineering needs. Highly recommend!"

Sreenjoy Chatterjee, Data Scientist Inhouse Consulting


"As a Data Engineer, I know how difficult it is to deploy a streaming solution. With DataCater it is made a lot simpler and without writing code. I don't have to worry about scaling and I can manage my pipelines with an easy-to-use online interface."

Dr. Nawar Halabi, Machine learning engineer

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MM New Media GmbH

"Traditionally being a publisher focussed on national and international headlines, news.de was able to implement its first large-scale local news coverage thanks to the data-handling infrastructure provided by DataCater."

André Tschachtli, CTO

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Save time and cost

Users report that DataCater helps them to save around 40% of the time spent on data preparation.

Sync data in real-time

DataCater enables you to always work with current data in your downstream applications.

Outstanding efficiency

Reduce the load on all involved systems by processing only data changes.


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