Automate your data.

The efficient way to building streaming data pipelines.

Connect your data systems

Use DataCater's interactive pipeline designer to build, manage, and deploy streaming data pipelines, without wasting time on repetitive work.

Stream data changes from data sources to data sinks efficiently.

Example: Stream data from Shopware into a BigQuery data warehouse, in real time.

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DataCater's interactive pipeline designer

Prepare your data for downstream usage

Transform, clean, and enrich data while streaming them from data sources to data sinks.

Choose from 35+ pre-defined transformations or define your own Python UDFs.

Example: Anonymize customer data before loading them into a data warehouse.

Operate securely

We care about your data.


Secure deployment

Each pipeline is executed as an isolated container, preventing any unauthorized access.


On-premise installation

We support on-premise installations, without requiring any connection to the internet.



DataCater integrates into existing monitoring solutions to ensure worry-free operations.


GDPR compliance

DataCater enables GDPR-compliant operations of streaming data pipelines.


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