Automate your data.

The efficient way to build and operate streaming data pipelines.

Illustration of DataCater streaming data from data sources to data sinks.
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Integrate data in real time

Stream data from data sources to data sinks, and transform them on the way. Enable analytics to always work with current data.

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No coding required

DataCater allows you to set up data connectors and build streaming data pipelines in a few minutes instead of hours to days.

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Ready for production

DataCater compiles streaming data pipelines to optimized Kafka Streams applications, which are deployed as containers.

The modern platform for streaming data pipelines

We are on a mission to make the entire lifecycle of streaming data pipelines more efficient, from development to production.

How it works


DataCater can connect to many different data stores using Kafka Connect: From flat files over database systems and search engines to cloud data warehouses.


Combine transformation and filter functions to implement any data preparation requirements.


DataCater deploys streaming data pipelines as optimized Kafka Streams applications. On your premises, a cloud platform, or our managed service.


Continuously monitor deployed streaming data pipelines and detect changes in important quality metrics as early as possible.

Interactive Pipeline Designer

Streaming data does not have to be complicated.

Use our interactive pipeline designer to build streaming data pipelines in a few minutes instead of hours to days.

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New to streaming data pipelines?

We'd be more than happy to set up a free consulting call that we use to analyze your data architecture.

Together, we will identify those parts of your architecture, which would strongly benefit from being supplied with current data by streaming data pipelines.

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