Pipeline Designer

Our pipeline designer provides an interactive interface to building powerful streaming data pipelines. Preview your transformations while you develop them.

Save time with pre-defined filters and transforms

Choose from a large repository of pre-defined functions to transform, clean, filter, and enrich your data.

Preview the impact of your pipeline, while you build it. Share the pipeline with your colleagues.

Native integration of Python-based data transformations

DataCater offers Python®-based transforms as a powerful means to implementing custom requirements.

Use the Pipeline Designer to preview inline filters and transforms, interactively verify their correctness, and chain them with pre-defined functions.


One-click deployments

DataCater offers one-click deployments for compiling your data pipelines to optimized streaming applications and shipping them to production.

Pipeline deployments are based on elastically-scalable Kubernetes Deployments.

Bridge the gap between business and engineers

DataCater enables non-coding domain experts and engineers to collaborate on data pipelines and helps teams to unleash their full potential. DataCater's project feature supports multiple user roles, from administrators over editors to read-only viewers, and allows engineers to share pipeline definitions with business people.

Example pipeline