DataCater's Pipeline Designer Laptop

Build streaming data pipelines with our Pipeline Designer.

Stream data from data sources to data sinks and transform them on the way.

Automate data preparation with more than 50 no-code functions

Choose from a large repository of no-code functions to transform, clean, and enrich your data.

Preview the impact of your pipeline, while you build it.

Full support for code-based data transformations

DataCater offers Python®-based transformation functions as a powerful means to implementing custom requirements.

Use the Pipeline Designer to preview code-based transformations, to interactively verify their correctness, and to chain them with no-code functions.


The unified approach to streaming data pipelines

DataCater provides the unified approach to streaming data pipelines that is accessible to both non-coding domain experts and engineers with programming expertise.

Stop using outdated data.

Connect your data systems with streaming data pipelines, without wasting time on repetitive work.

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