DataCater Self-Managed

Deploy DataCater on your own infrastructure or in your cloud environment.

Deploy DataCater on your infrastructure

DataCater provides the self-managed hosting option in the Enterprise plan for operating DataCater on your infrastructure or in your cloud environment. DataCater operates streaming data pipelines as elastic container deployments and can be run on Kubernetes, which offers almost unlimited scalability, tremendous robustness, and failure tolerance for the use in production. DataCater Self-Managed can be operated in private, public, or hybrid cloud environments.

Run DataCater on top of Apache Kafka®

DataCater is based on the ecosystem of Apache Kafka - the industry standard for event streaming. DataCater uses Apache Kafka as a distributed log for storing data change events and Kafka Connect for implementing source and sink connectors. DataCater can be deployed on existing or new Apache Kafka clusters. We can also help you get started with Apache Kafka.

Installing DataCater Self-Managed

The installation of DataCater Self-Managed is very straightforward and can be performed in a matter of minutes. We provide a Helm chart to set up DataCater on your Kubernetes cluster easily. Feel free to try the installation of our free open core. If you need access to enterprise features or help with the installation, please reach out to us.


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