Introducing DataCater 2023.1: Your fast lane to Streaming ETL

Build better streaming data pipelines faster with our newest open core release 2023.1.

By Stefan Sprenger

Real-time data streaming is becoming the new default for working with data.

Beyond the traditional decision-making and analytics use cases, where fresh data provides the maximum value to the business, we can witness an increasing number of operational use cases where data streaming achieves outstanding results, whether it is the real-time generation of news articles, the monitoring of air traffic, or something else.

Apache Kafka® has emerged as the defacto API standard for storing event data, providing convenient interfaces for consuming and producing records in a scalable, fault-tolerant, and reliable manner.

While the data streaming community has produced great products and frameworks for analytical use cases, e.g., Apache Flink, or Kafka Streams, they often feel too cumbersome for the rather lightweight operational use cases.

DataCater addresses the lack of tooling in the real-time data space. With DataCater, transforming data in motion becomes interactive and joyful. Plus, you can deploy your solutions in minutes, not weeks.

DataCater introduces a declarative layer on top of Apache Kafka and Kubernetes® and lets users choose from building blocks, such as Streams, Pipelines, Deployments, and Connectors* to build and deploy streaming data pipelines in a matter of a few minutes. DataCater provides a set of predefined filters and transforms to accelerate the implementation of the most common requirements in operational data pipelines while allowing users to build custom inline filters and transforms in Python®. All that is available with a fully-interactive preview of your pipeline on a sample of the input stream (Apache Kafka topic).

Say hi to our first open-core release: DataCater 2023.1

We published our open core, covering all non-enterprise features, on GitHub in October 2022. After three months of working in the open, first users running the open-core product on their Kubernetes clusters, and more than 200 commits, we feel ready to publish the first proper release: 2023.1.

Join us for a quick tour through our latest release:

Check out our docs to see how you can install DataCater on your Kubernetes cluster and start building streaming data pipelines faster. If you want to know more and unlock the full potential of DataCater, reach out to us.

* Connectors are only available in the Enterprise plan.