DataCater Partner Hour Recap

On May 17, Robert Bråkenhielm from Resultify showed us how they use DataCater in their projects.

By Olivier Dobberkau

We held our first DataCater Partner Hour on the 17th of May. The goal of the Partner Hour is to connect DataCater’s various integration partners with each other and provide insights to those interested in joining the program.

We were very happy that we could welcome Robert Bråkenhielm (Managing Director at Resultify) as our first guest speaker. Robert describes himself as a Digital marketer with a tech flavor and has acquired his experience in the different areas of content management, PIM systems, and diverse marketing automation tools. Besides that, he is into playing video games and started ice swimming lately.

About Resultify

Resultify is a digital solutions provider with 35 employees and over 15 years of experience. They operate in four countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Ukraine. They tend to hold long-running relationships with their customers and consider themselves a full-service provider. One of their newest competencies is services around the CRM Hubspot.

Integrations are common tasks in all of their projects, ranging from importing simple CSV files to working with complex product information management systems, such as Akeneo, Fortnox, Inriver, SAP, and many others.

DataCater accelerates the implementation of integrations

Robert explained clearly which problems arise when individually dealing with integrations:

The manual implementation of integrations requires experienced developers. Most of them are expensive for the client and also complex to grasp given the current shortage of talent. If no standard is applied to implementing an integration, the maintenance of the integration depends a lot on the developer. Most individually-developed integrations do not monitor integrated systems or processed data and cannot catch data quality problems.

Resultify has been using DataCater for more than 1.5 years for standardizing its integrations.

Perks of using DataCater

Robert left no doubt why they are convinced by DataCater:

  • Even beginners can build integrations with DataCater.

  • Costs are reduced by up to a fifth in comparison to their old approach.

  • DataCater’s interactive pipeline designer provides insights to customers and helps in the sales process.

  • Errors and missing data can be easily monitored.

  • It’s much easier to transform data and improve data quality.

With DataCater Resultify is able to enhance its sales around data-driven integrations. Currently, Resultify has six projects based on DataCater with different amounts of pipelines active. One of their use cases is the integration of Resultifiy’s Product manager (TYPO3 Extension) with a REST API connection. The development team at Resutify, so is Robert telling the audience, loves the ease of use of the DataCater Platform.

We discussed with Robert how agencies can shift their current business model using DataCater. The promise here is a standardized, quality-oriented real-time data platform that helps to improve the offerings of digital agencies.

We want to thank Robert for his time and insights into their usage of DataCater. You can watch the recording of the Partner Hour on YouTube:

You can download Robert’s slides here.

Become a partner

If you are interested in becoming a DataCater Partner, then feel free to contact us.